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How to spot an imitation chainmail dress

We design and create chainmail mesh apparel that’s crafted from the highest quality materials produced by world renowned Whiting and Davis, the recognized leader in chainmail fabrics for over 120 years. Many online retailers offer similar dresses at prices ranging from$30- $299. They are able to offer bargain prices because their dresses are not made of Whiting and Davis chainmail. Instead, they are made of aluminum mesh, an inexpensive material that is fragile and tears under stress. Our dresses are made of premium carbon steel and brass chainmail, which drape and mold to the body like liquid metal . We offer 18k gold electroplate and sterling silver electroplate on the brass metal mesh. We accept special order requests and offer alterations to assure a perfect fit.

The gold dress (above right) is made of aluminum chainmail, which is fragile and prone to tears under stress. The uneven texture of the chainmail undermines the drape and fit of the garment. This chainmail has a tendency to buckle and pull away from the body. High quality fit begins with high quality materials and craftsmanship. The stainless steel dress (above left), which is made from Whiting and Davis chainmail, is a true testament to uncompromising standards, it clings to the body and creates a sleek silhouette. Even though the dress has gather details, it does not add undesirable bulkiness.

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